FYI, These Cups From Amazon Will Make All of Your Dreams Come True

·1-min read

Imagine: you've spent all day at Disneyland searching for hidden Mickeys, and at the end of the day you go home without the sight of even one. You crawl into bed, dream of churros, and wake up with caffeine being your only hope of survival today after such a long day prior. You turn on the espresso machine, place your cup underneath, and groggily wait for it to finish. When you put the glass up to your mouth, you stop short and can't believe your eyes. Is that . . . what do you think it is . . . ? A hidden Mickey stares up at you, and you think you're dreaming. Nope, you're just enjoying the magic of the JoyJolt Disney Mickey Mouse 3D Espresso Cups ($27). Made for any coffee-lover, Disney aficionado, and hidden-Mickey-finder, these cute cups from Amazon are all you need to make your dreams come true. Shop them now, and make every morning a little more magical.

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