Rege-Jean Page loves that Armani Code Parfum 'encapsulates a bunch of different feelings'

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Rege-Jean Page loves Armani Code Parfum credit:Bang Showbiz
Rege-Jean Page loves Armani Code Parfum credit:Bang Showbiz

Rege-Jean Page loves that Armani Code Parfum “encapsulates a bunch of different feelings”.

The former ‘Bridgerton’ star - who is the face of the the eau du toilette - believes “different circumstances” bring out each aspect.

The 34-year-old actor told InStyle magazine: “I enjoy that it encapsulates a bunch of different feelings, and they are unlocked in different circumstances or at different times of the day. So I feel refreshed where there's kind of citrusy brightness that it has at the top, and it's very exciting and enlightening. But I also enjoy how very quickly it then pulls you into this slightly dark, rolling mystery along the bottom, which is this other side of the intensity, which I think is the musk in the tonka bean. And then somewhere dancing in the middle of that is this complex sophistication that we're talking about, where you get the kind of florals. You get iris. You get the vanilla. You get sage, and there's this natural woodiness in those kind of sage and sandalwood notes.”

Rege-Jean has sported the fragrance at “different contexts” such as to the pub, Anna Wintour’s Met Gala and for a day out at the seaside.

He said: “It comes out in different contexts, the same way the different parts of myself come out in different contexts of wearing things. From wearing Code to the dive bar, to the beach, to the Met Gala. I've done all three of those things – and it wears differently for each one.”

Aside from the perfume he endorses, ‘The Grey Man’ star adores “the smell of rain”, calling it a “very British answer”.

Rege said: “I've been told this is a very British answer. I like the smell of rain because it reminds me of multiple places. It rains everywhere, but it just rains differently. The smell of rain in London is the smell of people on the bus with wet coats warming up; it's people on the tube. Whereas the smell of rain in New York is very multi-faceted. And then the smell of rain in California is very different because it's also so rare. And the way that it evaporates off the sidewalk or off of the earth is very different, and it releases a bunch of other scents. So I find rain to be a really fascinating one because it's constant in and of itself, but it means different things and has different grace notes in different environments.”

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