"I refuse to gatekeep this blow-dry in a can dry shampoo"

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Photo credit: Laura Capon
Photo credit: Laura Capon

While it seems that a lot of you spent your lockdowns training your hair our of its frequent washing habits, I unfortunately did not.

I got on board with everything else: the tie dye, the puzzles, the Joe Exotic memes, the clapping, I just don't think TikTok quite understands how greasy my hair actually is.

To put it into perspective for you, I boarded a plane with freshly washed hair last month, 11 hours later I stepped off that plane with a separated fringe that looked like it had been coated in the kind of unhealthy amount of cooking oil Gordon Ramsay uses.

11 hours, that's not even a full 24.

So yes, training my hair is not an option right now.

This does mean however that I have tried every dry shampoo on the market and let me tell you, they are not all created equal.

There are the ones that turn you into a living antique thanks to the halo of white ash they leave behind, while others require an entire can just to absorb your day 2 oil.

However, I have found a new dry shampoo that, no lie, literally makes my hair look like it's freshly washed.

But not just washed, freshly blow dried to boot.

Thankfully I'm an oversharer and there's no way I'm going to walk around in public with day 3 unwashed hair that looks freshly blow dried without telling you how I did it.

I'm telling you, Andrew Fitzsimons Discreet AF Dry Shampoo is actual sorcery and like nothing I've ever used before.

Andrew is an icon in the world of hair and his client list includes Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, in fact anyone with an 'ian' at the end of their name and if you're also glued to The Kardashians right now, you will have spied him doing Khloe's hair for her James Corden appearance.

Andrew released a haircare line with Primark in 2020 that was so successful he now has his own range in Boots and if you sell out this dry shampoo before I can bulk buy it, I will scream.

From his Primark range I knew Andrew made a great dry shampoo, but the first time I used his new Discreet version I did have a minor panic.

Very unlike me (lol).

That's because at first nothing happened, there was no white powder and if anything my hair felt slightly damp. Panicking I had a dodgy can, I read the instructions (something I never do) and saw the line that said "wait 30 seconds for the powders to activate".

Sure enough when I then went back to start the zhuzh'ing process there was no dampness, my hair felt dry, but not only dry, clean.

Photo credit: Laura Capon
Photo credit: Laura Capon

Like I said, my hair is greasy so sometimes despite using a dry shampoo I still don't feel I can get away with wearing my hair down. However as I brushed my hair through I noticed that it was literally springing of my scalp with volume.

Not only was all my oil absorbed but I had zero ashiness and what looked like a Cindy Crawford blow out.

So, go, stock up. Just make sure you leave a can (or 10) for me.

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