Reese Witherspoon shares photo of new puppy with cutest name

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Photo credit: Daniele Venturelli - Getty Images
Photo credit: Daniele Venturelli - Getty Images

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Along with everyone else on your Instagram timeline, celebs have been getting in on the lockdown puppy action. First came Jennifer Aniston's adorable rescue, and now Reese Witherspoon has shared a picture of her new dog on her grid.

Other than the obvious (ahem), this year can mainly be characterised by banana bread and cute puppies. Just ask Big Little Lies actress Reese Witherspoon, who has a new little member in her family.

Sharing a photo of a baby French Bulldog in the garden to her 24.5million followers, Reese wrote, "Introducing Minnie Pearl. Welcome to the family little one."

Fans, obviously, were obsessed with the little pup. "She’s adorable and I love her name. She needs a hat with a tag!!! 💕" one wrote, while someone else added, "Oh my goodness!!! I love her already, Reese."

Someone else put, "Love the name! 😘" and a fourth added, "I want all your squishy dogs!"

Reese also shared footage of Minnie on Instagram Stories along with Stevie Wonder's 'Isn't She Lovely' playing in the background.

The new family addition comes as the Legally Blonde actress revealed her French Bulldog Pepper had died during the night last month. "Our sweet Pepper passed away yesterday. My goodness, she was such a loyal and devoted family member.

"I am so heart broken, but I am also deeply grateful for all the love and comfort she brought our family. Now she’s in dog heaven where all great pets go. Chasing tennis balls, running through open fields of wild flowers and being the Queen that she is. That’s what I believe. We will always love you, Pepper."

Reese also has Lou, a bulldog, and two other dogs, Nash and Hank. Here's to hoping they're all enjoying lots of cuddles with little pupper Minnie.

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