Reese Witherspoon named new global brand ambassador for Biossance

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Reese Witherspoon has been named the new global brand ambassador for Biossance.

The Oscar-winning actress has signed a five-year deal with the 'clean' beauty brand, and she said that she reached out to Biossance after being impressed by their skincare products.

“I’ve been interested in clean beauty, but I never really understood what it was. I started hearing more about Biossance, and so I actually had my team reach out, and I was impressed by the products. I was blown away by how effective they were," she told WWD.

Catherine Gore, president of Biossance, said the Oscar-winning actress was the ideal ambassador for the brand, as Reese would be able to share huge amounts of product information to her millions of fans and social media followers.

“The tides are changing in beauty in terms of awareness, and what drew us to Reese is that she’s always been a champion for empowerment and education. The Biossance global brand strategy has always hinged on education, and Reese provides a platform with her book club that creates an ability and openness to learn," she explained.

The first job for Reese as global brand ambassador is to learn more about product development, so she can best understand how to talk to Biossance consumers.

“What Catherine says is that Biossance incorporates the nerdy parts of science, but the charming side of skin care. There’s a way to talk to consumers and get them to be more thoughtful about what kind of products they buy, and what they’re investing in as a company," she stated.

Reese's media brand Hello Sunshine will also be teaming up with Biossance for content creation, and Reese said that being a brand ambassador for a beauty brand – rather than creating her own – was the perfect fit.

“I know what I’m really good at. I’m really good at making movies and television shows. Biossance isn’t a legacy, long-term brand so they’re very open to new ideas. I really enjoy making educational yet entertaining content, which will be a piece of it for sure," the 45-year-old added.