Reel In Robust Immunity With Our Squid Ink Taglioni

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By Stefano Cacciari of Cacciari’s Italian restaurant


  • Squid ink tagliolini, 300g

  • Extra-virgin olive oil, 5tsp

  • Garlic, 2 cloves, chopped

  • A red chilli, chopped

  • King prawns, peeled, 350g

  • Cherry tomatoes, 250g

  • Large red peppers, 2

  • Spring onions, 100g

  • Fresh rocket, 70g

  • A lime, squeezed


1) Both iron and vitamin C are key players in the quest to stay fighting fit, and squid
ink pasta proves there’s no need to spiralise veggies to squeeze extra those crucial nutrients into your diet. It also has antimicrobial, anti-cancer and anti-tumour properties to ensure you not only swim away from disease, but boost immune system-essential white blood cell production while you’re at it. Plus, one portion of black pasta packs just a gram of fat – compared to roughly 48g in an average steak – so you can dose up on iron without becoming the office Moby Dick.

2) To launch your virus-prevention programme, cook the tagliolini in boiling water according to the pack instructions, then drain. Heat the olive oil – known to fight prostate cancer – in a pan before tossing in the garlic and chilli and cooking for 30 seconds. The antibiotic garlic will combine with the vitamin-A rich chilli to neutralise any infections.

3) Next, tip in the prawns and cook on a high heat for three minutes. Add the cherry tomatoes, red pepper and spring onions to drop a vit C bomb – along with a splash of the pasta water – and cook for two minutes, before mixing in the rocket and the squeezed lime for a final shot of vitamins. Buon appetito and ciao man-flu.

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