Reddit users are sharing ‘boomer opinions’ they actually agree with

Reddit users are sharing ‘boomer opinions’ they actually agree with

Reddit users are sharing the “boomer opinions” they actually agree with on a thread that’s received more than 23,000 comments.

“Reddit, what’s your most ‘I’m with the Boomers on this’ opinion?” a user asked on one of the website’s most popular community pages, or subreddits.

Since the question was posted on AskReddit on Friday (4 November), the thread has garnered significant traction.

The most common responses include a disdain for QR code restaurant menus, the belief that smartphones should remain out of young children’s lives, and a fondness for physical media such as video games and movies.

One user wrote: “Kids shouldn’t touch any electronic devices until a certain age. I work in tech but if I ever have kids I will still enforce this rule. It makes me sad to see one-year-old babies glued to phones.”

Multiple people expressed their frustration over restaurants that offered QR code menus, with one Redditor noting: “Number one answer in this sub is ‘QR codes for menus’ – restaurants take note!”

Other miscellaneous responses include “touchscreen cars are not a good idea”, “Coca Cola tastes better out of glass bottles than plastic bottles”, “delayed gratification is an important survival skill”, and “Dropping $7 (£6) on a cup of coffee daily IS a huge waste of money”.

“Brand new pants should not have holes in them,” one person echoed the boomer response to ripped jeans.

Several users also voiced their appreciation for older music which, one Redditor wrote, “is 1000 per cent better”.

“TV is getting too dark. Not emotionally – it is visually too dark and I can’t see it,” another comment read.

The comment had been upvoted more than 21,000 times at the time of writing.