Red Velvet Baileys Exists So Go Ahead and Cancel All Future Plans

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Baileys

From Delish

Stop what you’re doing immediately and listen up. Baileys just announced that it’s launching a red velvet flavour over here in the UK.

I mean, good god – what a time to be alive.

Baileys Red Velvet was first introduced in the USA when the cream liqueur brand joined forces with America’s Georgetown Cupcake. But, praise be, we can finally get it over here in the UK. Well, you can currently pre-order it; ready for it to be shipped on 27 November.

Baileys says, “Now you can have your cupcakes and drink them too”, and describes the dreamy drink as, “Sweet, silky and creamy. And wonderfully warming and seductive whether it’s poured over ice and served in a tumbler or added to your coffee.”


Photo credit: Baileys

The booze brand adds, “Encapsulating the classic cake taste of sumptuous chocolate and cream cheese frosting - without being too sweet – Baileys Red Velvet has cocoa running through it to provide a slight but irresistible richness.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so riled up about a booze/pudding hybrid in my whole life.

Although, saying that, I was pretty damn chuffed when M&S launched its trifle flavoured cream liqueur.

This tasty liqueur features flavours of raspberry, sponge, custard and cream, and again, perfect served over ice, or even as a sauce for your ice cream. What’s not to like about that?

You can buy M&S’s Trifle Flavour Cream now in store or online. But if you’re in the market for Bailey’s Red Velvet, you can pre-order exclusively from The Bottle Club. A 70cl bottle costs £17.99.

Pre-order now!