Will Red Rose on Netflix be getting a season 2?

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Is Red Rose on Netflix getting a season 2? BBC

The latest series to get us absolutely hooked on Netflix is teen drama series Red Rose. The eight-part drama was first shown by BBC Three in August last year, but at the end of last week (15th February) was added globally to Netflix.

Red Rose is about a group of teenagers who are just celebrating the end of their GCSEs when they get addicted to an app called Red Rose which brings the group together to face a supernatural horror.

red rose on netflix season 2 release date

Netflix viewers have been loving the series so far, and many are calling out for another series, so is there going to be a season two of Red Rose? This is everything we know so far.

Has Red Rose season 2 been confirmed?

Red Rose was originally created to be shown on BBC Three and was released in August 2022. It's since been added to Netflix globally as of February 2023.

So far there's been no word from the BBC if a second series of Red Rose will be happening. Maybe the new love for the show now it's on Netflix could get a second series in the works? We're crossing our fingers.

What might happen in Red Rose season 2?

Warning: contains spoilers! The last episode of Red Rose never completely confirms that the woman who spares Noah is in fact The Gardener. There's a lot of evidence to suggest she may be, but she could also just be a part of The Gardener's master plan and is answering to a higher boss. A second season would hopefully answer this question.

red rose on netflix season 2 release date

A big hint the series isn't over and what we could expect a further season of Red Rose to cover was in the final scene. Though Jaya thought she deleted all traces of the Red Rose site, the final scene shows a young man in Tokyo receiving a link to download the Red Rose site. Mysterious to say the least.

Who would star in Red Rose season 2?

Depending on what the plot of a potential Red Rose season two covers we could either see the cast of season one return, or have a brand new cast to follow the story develop in Tokyo.

Is there a release date for Red Rose season 2?

Until a second series of Red Rose is confirmed we won't know the release date.

However, given the previous timeline of the first season we can make an estimation of when we'd see Red Rose season two.

Season one was announced in August 2019, but filming was delayed until the summer of 2021 with the series airing a year later.

If Red Rose season two were to follow a similar filming pattern, we'd be looking to see a second season a year after filming began.

Red Rose is available now on Netflix

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