Recruiter left speechless after employer says size 16 candidate is 'too fat' for job

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Photo credit: Getty Images

A recruiter has gone viral online after revealing one of her clients was rejected from a potential job for being "too fat." Taking to LinkedIn, real estate recruiter Faye Angeletta said she was "lost for words" after hearing the reason why the size 16 candidate had not been successful for a job she'd applied for.

"Some reasons I can understand from clients, first impressions count and it's up to you as the candidate to sell yourself," she wrote in her post. "But, to discriminate against someone for their weight? It's just bang out of line and pure bigotry."

Sharing a screenshot of a text conversation she had with the employer, Angeletta revealed exactly what had been said. "She knows the market well and has a good grasp on the local area," the unnamed employer said after being asked how the interview went. "The only thing that's bothering me is she isn't the slimmest of girls," the employer continued, "I'm not being sizeist [sic] but it was rather off putting."

In response to the employer's message, Angeletta told her followers on LinkedIn that she had "pulled the candidate from the running and made the client aware we are no longer interested in working with them."

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

She continued: "In customer facing roles, there is an expectation for presentation and it comes without question you need to look the part on site. However, if you want to recruit on the basis of appearance over ability, maybe try a modelling agency."

In the comments section Angeletta revealed that, despite the negative experience with this employer, the candidate had gone on to be successful elsewhere.

In response to the story, some job hunters on social media raised concerns about whether discrimination like this might impact their own employment. But, Angeletta reminds us this isn't something candidates should be worried about. "This is a very rare occurrence," she told Cosmopolitan UK, "I would encourage people to apply on the basis of skill set matching. Do not be discouraged – you could miss out on your dream role!"

As for her tips on how to be successful in your job interview. Angeletta says it's important to research the company and come prepared with questions. "Make sure you know the headline facts and figures and why [the company] appeals to you," she explained, before emphasising that "it's not just you who needs to sell yourself, but the company too. Make sure you ask the things that are important to you and also to get to know your prospective hiring manager and their experiences of the company."

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