Can you recreate the Twilight skin shimmer at home?

The hack
Take inspiration from the ethereal glow of teenage vampires by “hacking” your foundation.

The test
Inspired by the Twilight films, this technique has been popularised by TikTokker August Sombatkamarai.

It essentially dials up your regular foundation with a splash of shimmer or glitter. That shimmer could be liquid highlighter, or a very finely milled shimmery eyeshadow, mixed in with your foundation. The tipping point is when the foundation does indeed look sparkly.

I added a full pipette of my beloved Niod Photography Fluid (a golden liquid that I use as a face primer) to my foundation, then applied it to my skin with a brush. The result? A beautiful, pearlised finish – though not quite a translucent vampire look.

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I tried again using Makeup By Mario Master Crystal Reflector in quartz – the most shimmery powder I’ve seen – by scraping some off, and mixing it into the foundation. This gave a glittery effect and strong Edward Cullen vibes. Every part of me wants to hate this because I’m a vampire purist and don’t believe they sparkle – but it does make my gothic heart flutter.

The verdict
Using your foundation for two different finishes is an excellent money-saver. But I’d just get the Niod primer – it has plenty of pearly glow, without the unwanted glitter.