A recap of everything that happened in Netflix's Sex/Life season 1

sex life season one recap
A complete recap of Netflix's Sex/Life season 1Netflix

Attention Sex/Life fans, there are just a few days to go before one of the steamiest shows on TV returns, and we don't know about you, but we definitely need a recap of everything that went down during season one.

Sex/Life season two drops on Netflix on 2nd March and the six part series, inspired by the 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton, will delve back into the relationship between Billie (Sarah Shahi), Brad (Adam Demos) and Cooper (Mike Vogel).

Season one ended on a major cliff hanger, with Billie turning up at Brad's apartment. However, if you can't remember what lead up to that, then this is your full recap of everything that happened in season one of Sex/Life on Netflix.

sex life season one recap

Netflix's Sex/Life season 1 recap

What's the general plot of Sex/Life?

Sex/Life is a drama series inspired by the book 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton. In the series Billie (Sarah Shahi) is a housewife living in Connecticut, who has just given birth to her second baby with husband Cooper (Mike Vogel).

They have what appears to be the perfect life but Billie soon begins fantasying about her ex Brad (Adam Demos), a record label owner. She writes detailed journal entries about their past sex life as she is so unsatisfied by her current sex life with her husband.

sex life season one recap

However, Cooper stumbles upon her journal entries and becomes obsessed with tracking Brad down, to see who his competition is, which is how we ended up with that sex scene in episode three.

What's Billie and Brad's history?

Billie and Brad started dating long before she met Cooper, when she was still a Ph.D. student and living in New York with her best friend Sasha (Margaret Odette).

On one night out, Billie leaves early after Sasha is otherwise occupied (read: having sex in a club) and runs into Brad outside, who saves her from a street harasser.

They soon begin a relationship that is full of sex, passion and eventually love.

Ok, so what went wrong in their relationship?

Brad has some serious issues with his dad, which prevents him from connecting on a deeper level with Billie.

When Billie suffers a miscarriage, Brad is unable to cope and begins pushing Billie away. He kisses another woman at a wedding as a way to force the couple to break up. Despite being incredibly upset, Billie suggests Brad tries to reconnect with his dad.

sex life season one recap

Brad somewhat begrudgingly follows her advice and finds his father, who is now a dad to two more young sons, who he appears to be a great dad to. This pushes Brad over the edge and he breaks up with Billie, lying to her about where he was that weekend - he said he was doing drugs with a sex worker, as a way to push her away.

They finally breakup and Billie eventually moves onto dating Cooper.

What happens with Billie and Brad in the present day?

Fast forward to the present and Billie is fantasying about her past sexual escapades with Brad, when Cooper reads her online diary.

Billie ends up running into Brad at Sasha's apartment (the pair are friends with benefits) and their connection is just as strong as it once was, leaving Billie with a lot of confusion about her marriage.

Cooper tries to spice things up with their sex life, but Billie's mind is still very much with Brad.

Brad realises after years away from Billie he wants to be with her now, and give her everything he couldn't all those years ago. In a very awkward conversation he even tells all this to Cooper.

What's going on with Cooper and his boss?

Though Billie is the first one to think of someone else during their marriage, Cooper is still tempted by others too.

Cooper's boss Francesca (Li Jun Li) has a thing for him, and the two spend the night together in episode six following a presentation that goes well.

sex life season one recap

However, he appears to end things with Francesca when he and Billie decide to give their relationship another try.

What happens with Sasha?

Throughout Sex/Life season one, Sasha is a pretty good friend to Billie throughout the season, despite being friends with benefits with Brad during the early episodes.

Similarly to Brad she doesn't seem to be attached to the idea of a monogamous relationship and a quiet life in the suburbs.

She ends season one having published her book The Third Way and enjoying her professional success.

Who does Billie choose?

Despite a lot of back and forth between the two men in the final episode Billie appears to choose Cooper and their life together in Connecticut. Billie decides to go back to college to get her Ph.D. and everything appears to be going well in their lives.

That is until the final scene in which Billie turns up at Brad's apartment, telling him, "I’m not leaving my husband. This changes nothing. Now f**k me.”

We can't wait to see what Brad's response to that is.

Sex/Life season two is available on Netflix from 2nd March

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