Rebel Wilson's new dog grooming show frowned on by PETA

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Rebel Wilson's new dog grooming show Pooch Perfect has drawn criticism from concerned viewers, including PETA.

The show, hosted by Wilson, debuted on ABC on Tuesday night, and features dyed and fussed dogs trotted out to be judged by reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump.

Lauren Thomasson, PETA’s senior manager of animals in film and television, has weighed in on the spectacle since the show aired, arguing the show's concept encourages pet owners to mistreat their animals.

“Dogs are smart, loyal individuals, they’re not here for human amusement, and unfortunately, shows like Pooch Perfect can encourage people to restrain their dog and reach for the dye, even though doing so runs the risk of causing an allergic reaction that could even be fatal, in addition to stressing the animal,” Thomasson told The Wrap.

“PETA reminds animal guardians that dogs love us just the way we are, and we should respect them enough to do the same for them,” she went on.

Executive producer Elan Gale previously opened up about the show at the Television Critics Association press tour, explaining finding the right mix of dogs was a challenge: "Some dogs like it (grooming) more than others," she said, adding: "Some find it uncomfortable. So we made sure we had the kind of dogs that were used to the entire process."

Meanwhile, insiders insist all the products used on the show are "dog safe".

Rebel has yet to respond to the backlash following Tuesday night's premiere.