Rebel Wilson shares exact moment fertility expert inspired her 'year of health'

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Rebel Wilson shares emotional fertility discussionGetty Images

Rebel Wilson has shared the exact words which inspired her to embark on her 'year of health'.

The Australian actress, 42, dedicated all of 2020 to overhauling her relationship with food and exercise, losing 80lbs (5 stone 7 lbs) in the process.

Speaking to the Call Her Daddy podcast, Rebel revealed the conversation that she had with a fertility expert that set her off on her 12-month lifestyle reset.

She said: 'As I was approaching 40, it really came down to a fertility thing. I went to see a fertility doctor and he was like, "Well, you'd have a much better chance with fertility if you were healthier." And I was like, 'Oh my God what's he talking about?' Because my life is like a Lizzo song, where I'm like "bad b- o’clock”. That was my life. But then I have this stranger saying, 'Look at you, you're not healthy.’"

'And it really hit me hard because I was living a fantastic, bigger life and didn't have any serious diseases or anything and that made me re-examine and I realised I have been doing things that aren’t healthy. I didn’t have a great love life, so I was sitting at home at night, eating ice cream or eating chocolate which was comforting but not a great move overall. So slowly, as I was turning 40, became healthier.’

Rebel also claimed that she was contracted to not lose or gain more than 10lbs while she was contracted to play Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect movies, which also prevented any plans to embark on a strict lifestyle change.

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Rebel and her partner Ramona AgrumaSamir Hussein - Getty Images

Last year, Rebel - who has previously spoken about living with a PCOS diagnosis - welcomed a baby girl, Royce, who was born by surrogate. Her daughter's arrival came shortly after she went public with her partner, Ramona Agruma.

She told podcast host Alex Cooper: [Our relationship] has only gotten stronger. we are such a team, it’s made me and Ramona an instant family. We had been dating almost a year when Roycie arrived.

'Motherhood changes your life, but I feel I was in such a place, I was ready. I was trying for a few years to have a baby. She’s my little miracle, little Roycie, she’s so cute. But it’s so hard. Yesterday I didn’t put clothes on til 4pm, I was just in my nightgown, walking around with a baby - I get so feral on Sundays.

'It’s really hard, it’s hard. I probably have to be more discerning about jobs I take now, but I was so in a place ready, I was so stable, had a good life and I am ready to give a lot to my child now.’

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