Rebekah Vardy stopped taking kids to Jamie Vardy’s football games due to cruel ‘chants’

Rebekah Vardy has opened up about the backlash she received as a result of the “Wagatha Christie” scandal.

In October 2019, Coleen Rooney accused Vardy’s Instagram account of leaking stories Rooney shared on her private Instagram to the media.

In a recent libel trial brought against Rooney by Vardy, a judge threw out the case after finding Rooney’s statement to be substantially true.

In a new interview, Vardy has revealed that after the tweet was posted in 2019, she had to stop taking her children to their father, Jamie Vardy’s football games due to chants directed at her.

“I’ve had death threats, rape threats, pretty much everything,” the 40-year-old told The Sun. “It’s the pits, really.”

“Then I’d go to a football game and there would be these chants sung about me.

“There was a point where I had to stop taking the kids to go and see their dad play football because of how bad it was. I was devastated, and it’s really hard to talk about.”

Vardy continued by saying: “As a mum, all you want to do is shield your children from all that s*** and sometimes it’s just impossible to do.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Vardy revealed that she was getting up to 100 messages per day when Rooney’s tweet was first published.

“I even got letters sent to my home, and some crazy s*** sent over including letters from psychics,” she said. “I was linked to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, people suggesting I was a member of IS, stuff like that.”

Vardy said she felt that it was as if she had “murdered someone”.

She continued: “It’s really hard because you can give out advice, but actually when you have to take your own advice, it’s completely different.

“Jamie and everyone was like, ‘Just don’t read it. These are people that have just got nothing better to do with their lives’.”

Vardy also said she felt “let down” by the legal system, and that she is “probably suffering from PTSD” because of the trial.