Rebekah Vardy calls out misogyny in the Wagatha Christie trial

Rebekah Vardy says a decision to appeal is "in the hands of the solicitors", but tells TalkTV that coverage of her libel trial against Coleen Rooney was presented "in such a misogynistic way."

Video transcript

- Do you think that you will appeal this-- the verdict?

REBEKAH VARDY: It's in the hands of the solicitors at the minute. We'll let the dust settle. We'll read through all the documentation. Well, when I say we, they will. And I'm sure we'll probably have conversations in the future about what's next if anything and what we do.

- Talking about the court and perceptions of court, your outfits were really scrutinized all the way through this court case, as were Coleen Rooney's. Do you feel like there was an element of sexism in the coverage of this case?

REBEKAH VARDY: Totally, the whole thing was presented in such a misogynistic way. I mean, when Johnny Depp was going through his court case, there was hardly any articles, if any, about how much money he'd spent and his outfits. But it just seems like women aren't allowed to defend themselves. Women aren't allowed to dress nicely. Yeah. There's a lot of sexism involved in it.

- Do you think Amber Heard got a raw deal?

REBEKAH VARDY: Um, I didn't-- to be honest, I didn't really follow the case too much.