All of the reasons why Puerto Rico is the perfect place to show your Pride

Puerto Rico Pride Gay LGBTQ+ Travel
Puerto Rico Pride Gay LGBTQ+ Travel

Add Puerto Rico to your travel bucket list!

Ricky Cornish

Puerto Rico may not be the first place you think of when you think of top LGBTQ+ vacation getaways, but it seriously should be.

The inclusive and gorgeous island is filled with rich culture, plenty of gay hot spots, and some of the nicest people you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Ahead of my trip to the Caribbean, my RuPaul's Drag Race sister Jessica Wild gave me all of the tips I needed to make the most of my time on the island. However, nothing could have prepared me for all the unbelievable experiences waiting for me as I stepped foot off the airplane.

Scroll below to see all the reasons why Puerto Rico is the next destination you must visit and show your Pride.

1. It's so easy to get to.

If you're like me, then you may not know much about Puerto Rico in general, so let me break it down for you.

Puerto Rico is a United States territory, so that means traveling to the beautiful island is the same as flying to another state in the U.S.

You don't need your passport, your cell service is thriving, and you don't need to worry about different forms of currency. That already saves you a ton of headaches while visiting the island.

Plus, Puerto Rico's official languages are Spanish and English, so many people are bilingual and you won't have any difficulty navigating the territory.

2. It's so gay and safe.

When you have fan-favorite Drag Race queens like Alyssa Hunter, Jessica Wild, Vanessa "Vanjie" Mateo, Alexis Mateo, and many more all hailing from Puerto Rico... then you know this place has to be gay.

The inclusive island offers everything that a person in the LGBTQ+ community could want. You can walk down the street out and proud and nobody will even blink twice.

You'll also really feel very at home when visiting queer-owned businesses and events found throughout the island.

Drag brunch at Wicked Lilly will have you picking your jaw off the floor as you watch sickening queens perform some of the best drag you've ever seen... all next to the beach! Plus, the cocktails and delicious food items elevate the experience to another level.

If you're looking for the ultimate Puerto Rican experience while also supporting the LGBTQ+ community, then a ceramic workshop at LAU Pottery Studio is another activity to add to your itinerary. Not only will you get a special keepsake to bring home, but the studio's owner Laura Serrano proudly identifies as lesbian and will make you feel right at home.

3. It's breathtaking.

Your eyes will not believe all of the stunning views that are found all over Puerto Rico.

From the soft sand beaches to the rain forests and spectacular mountains, you'll find yourself catching your breath throughout your entire trip.

If you're hoping to get scenic views that you won't find anywhere else, then I suggest you look into some exciting activities offered.

For example, the Mini Boats Experience with Kayaking Puerto Rico gives you the opportunity to operate your own boat and travel to private beaches to take dazzling pics, snorkel with the underwater wildlife, and even see the natural beauty in the rain forest.

Looking for the ideal place to stay? Look no further than the Condado Ocean Club. The adult-only boutique hotel is located right in between the Laguna del Condado and the Atlantic Ocean, so you'll have a guaranteed water view no matter what room you're in. Combined with an infinity pool, floor to ceiling windows, and easy access to all the must-see places in San Juan, this perfect oasis in Puerto Rico awaits you.

4. It's rich in culture.

The biggest draw to Puerto Rico is its vibrant history and unique culture that dates back centuries. Right away, visitors should explore the astonishing architecture in San Juan.

To make your life even easier, then I recommend joining a walking tour with The Spoon Experience. As the title suggests, this tour offers people the opportunity to see and taste everything Puerto Rico has to offer. There's nothing quite like tasting the rich flavors of Puerto Rico while learning about the fascinating roots of the island.

Beyond walking, get ready to put on your dancing shoes as the locals love to dance anywhere and everywhere! If you're looking to learn more about the culture of the island and bust a move at the same time, then a Bomba Class at El Bastion is right up your alley.

5. The food is exquisite.

If all of the above reasons haven't sold you just yet, then let this last reason be your deciding factor. You will be FED in Puerto Rico!

There's so many mouthwatering food and drinks options across the beautiful territory, but there's a few that you must try.

Furtivo Speakeasy Bar is another queer-owned spot that will bring your taste buds on a journey with signature cocktails, delicious dishes influenced by Puerto Rico's divine culture, and a cozy vibe that you'll absolutely love.

If you're looking for some of the finest cuisine with perfect views of the ocean, then look no further than Sama Bistro Playero. Award-winning chef Erika Suarez offers some of the island's best ingredients as foodies get to feel the breeze next to the beach.

Finally, Santaella is the ideal restaurant to enjoy before hitting the nightlife scene in San Juan. The quaint joint is so lively and offers an extensive food and drink menu that'll leave you full, but ready to hit the bars.

What are you waiting for? Plan out your tropical vacation getaway by learning more about Puerto Rico here.