This is the reason why sharing your partner's toothbrush is a really bad idea

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Sharing toothbrushes. Don't say you've never done it after you've crashed at your mate's after a night out or slept over at your partner's and just totally blanked on this one essential.

And while it might look like this is chill, if not a little gross, turns out that is not the case.

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Sharing toothbrushes: what a dental expert says

‘Brushing sometimes causes the gums to bleed, which exposes everyone who shares one toothbrush to bloodstream diseases,’ explains Dr Ben Atkins, clinical director at Revive DentalCare.

‘By sharing a toothbrush, couples may be sharing blood, which is a lot riskier than simply mixing saliva.’

If that’s not enough to gross you out, sharing a toothbrush could essentially render the whole process of brushing redundant.

‘There are many thousands of difffferent strains of bacteria in the mouth and the number varies from person to person,’ Dr Atkins adds. ‘As the purpose of brushing is to remove bacterial plaque, much of the bacteria remain on the bristles.’

So, play swapsies and you’re sharing those germs. If you must share a toothbrush, make it an electric one and get separate attachments.

When it comes to toothbrushes, two heads are definitely better than one.

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