‘He was really shouting in my face’: Molly-Mae Hague claims she was ordered to leave Dubai club

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Molly-Mae Hague has spoken about being “kicked out” of a club in Dubai after she was caught with a camera on her.

The 23-year-old former Love Island star posted about the alleged incident on YouTube, telling fans how she and her boyfriend, Tommy Fury, were confronted by a security guard at Cove Beach at the Caesars Palace hotel, where cameras are not permitted.

“We have now left Cove,” Hague said before Fury interrupted to say that she shouldn’t give the club a bad review until they get their refund back.

Hague replied that she wouldn’t give a bad review: “That’s not me, I don’t throw shade, but we basically just got kicked out at the end.”

Explaining what happened, the influencer said: “Basically, we were leaving because we want to go to this Aqua Fun because obviously we’d leave a cool, vibey beach club to go to an aqua park because that just sums us up but, as we were leaving, Tommy just signed the cheque and I had my vlogging camera in my hand.

“I wasn’t even vlogging, I just had it in my hand and one of the security guards came up to me and was like, ‘Why have you got that camera? You need to leave. Did they not check your bag when you came in here? How did you get in here with that camera?’”

She continued: “Then he tried to escort me out but because Tommy was somewhere else trying to pay the bill, I was just stood there like, “What is going on?”

Hague claimed that she was never told about the no-camera rule.

“He was really shouting in my face and then fully tried to escort me out because I had the vlogging camera but no one checked out bags when we went in, no one said I wasn’t allowed a camera.

“It was so weird. He said, ‘You need to leave, you need to leave. Who let you in here with that camera?’ Then he was trying to usher me out.

“So, that was interesting. But because we left and we didn’t really use any of the money that we spent for the bed because of that situation, they did give us a full refund which is good.”

The Independent has contacted The Cove for comment.

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