Realistic Child Doll That Cries And Vomits Helps Train Dentists For Medical Emergencies

This eerily-realistic child robot is helping to train dentist's in medical emergencies. The Pedia_Roid doll can move its arms, legs, and eyes to portray emotions including anxiety, fear and resistance. Co-developed by Japanese robotics start-up Tmsuk and Showa University’s Department of Orthodontics, Pedia_Roid was designed to simulate a child's response when receiving dental treatment, including changes to its medical condition. The robot measures 3.6ft in height and weighs 50 pounds, making it around the same size as a five or six-year-old child. A range of emotions and responses can be programmed by a tablet. Its mouth movements include opening and closing, sneezing, coughing and even vomiting. The robot is also able to simulate medical emergencies such as convulsion and heart failure allowing trainees to gain experience handling similar critical situations. Body movements include writhing, convulsions and 'flapping' of the arms and legs, as well as full body exhaustion. Director of Tmsuk's engineering division Yusuke Ishii said the robot was developed due to the lack of clinical dental training to treat children. "It is difficult to get experience in paediatric dentistry because there are no opportunities to practise," he explained. In terms of face and head functions, the bot can change in facial colour (from blushing to pallor), and roll its eyes back in its head. Meanwhile, the robot also has a pulse, and can have fake blood collected intravenously from the back of its hand.

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