Realistic body shapes on the catwalk: Caryn Franklin and All Walks Behind The Catwalk

Samantha Robinson
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Realistic body shapes on the catwalk: Caryn Franklin and All Walks Behind The Catwalk

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The All Walks Behind The Catwalk campaign aims to promote realistic body shapes upon the catwalk and within the fashion industry as a whole. Today at the Clothes Show Live, Caryn Franklin hosted a talk upon this much needed initiative, which she also just so happens to play an active role in.

As I too have grown up in an era whereby we are inundated with more digitally enhanced photos of models than ever before, and also personally succumbed to the pressure to try and emulate their unobtainable appearances in the past, I felt that I had to go along to see what measures are being taken as to prevent such a destructive presence in such an influential industry.

About the campaign aims to reinforce the idea that individual beauty is the key, and so they have set about educating and training design students to create fashion designs that are suitable for the average body, which obviously isn't the catwalk idealist size six. They aim to create more diversity within the fashion industry, so its spectators no longer feel the pressure to conform and will instead feel proud no matter their colour, size or shape. The campaign features an array of individual looking woman, who have been photographed to help spread the message. The photos are also set to go on display at the National Portrait Gallery, if you fancy checking it out.

Caryn's Personal Message
After watching the Campaign's video that goes behind the diversity shoot (see it yourself on YouTube!), Caryn personally urged the audience to take away with them the fact that they are unique, and to stop comparing themselves with unrealistic images of models. She believes that the fashion industry has finally realised its destructive behaviour in the form of digital manipulation and ultra skinny catwalk models, so now it's also currently trying to assume its responsibility, as to try and rectify its ways.

Body Shape Trend
Whether watching interviews or talking to those in the know at this year's Clothes Show, I've felt that the body shape issue has been a key trend in concerns. So many effective measures are already being taken, as to finally tackle the negative influences on personal body images of the fashion industry.