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Photo credit: Manolo Yllera
Photo credit: Manolo Yllera

The original ‘Summer of Love’ took place in 1967, when young people travelled from across America and beyond to congregate in San Francisco. Attracted by the bold spirit of bohemia and its accompanying mood of crackling excitement and experimentation, this generation championed a new era of openness and acceptance.

Summer 2021 has a similar feel to it.

Like then, we’re all understandably obsessed with escape – not from the conservative social values of the early Sixties – but from more than a year of pandemic-induced turmoil and lockdown incarcerations.

Photo credit: ELLE Decoration UK
Photo credit: ELLE Decoration UK

Our flower-power forebears used the period to celebrate the key ideas of 1960s rebellion: communal living, political decentralisation, environmental awareness and the benefits of ‘dropping out’… Interestingly, these are all issues that seem particularly pertinent to the here and now.

I’d argue there’s that same frisson of possibility, anticipation and hope, too. A sense that creativity, individualism and activism can come together to form a new world order. Maybe I’m a cockeyed optimist, but when I look at the innovative products and people gracing these pages, I feel buoyed up and positive as I look to the future. To my mind, it’s some much-needed sunshine after the darkest of storms.

Back in ’67, hippie culture embraced foreign travel as a means of self-exploration and discovery, a way to broaden the mind. The ‘hippie trail’ through Europe and the Middle East to India became a well-trodden path for those in search of adventure and enlightenment.

When we’ll be able to visit these destinations again is still uncertain as I write this, on the brink of holiday season, but hopefully our selection of sun-drenched homes from around the globe will offer some solace to those as desperate as I am to head abroad.

You can call me an old hippie, but, while the hard times may be far from over, I can’t help thinking that if we remember to spread the love this summer, perhaps we might just make it through…

Photo credit: ELLE Decoration UK
Photo credit: ELLE Decoration UK

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