Get ready for stocks and real estate to crash - and the US economy to crater, 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' author warns

"Rich Dad Poor Dad" author Robert Kiyosaki
Robert Kiyosaki.The Rich Dad Channel/YouTube
  • Robert Kiyosaki expects stocks, bonds, and real estate to crash as higher interest rates bite.

  • The "Rich Dad Poor Dad" author slammed the Fed for choking growth and eroding the US dollar's value.

  • Kiyosaki warned of bank runs before SVB failed, and spotted trouble at Credit Suisse.

Asset prices will collapse under the pressure of soaring interest rates, Robert Kiyosaki has warned.

"Raising interest rates will crash stocks, bonds, real estate, & US dollar," the personal-finance guru and "Rich Dad Poor Dad" author tweeted on Thursday, adding that he expects the vast derivatives market to tank as well.

The Federal Reserve lifted its benchmark rate by 25 basis points to upwards of 4.75% on Wednesday, compared with nearly 0% a year ago. The US central's goal is to cool inflation, as higher rates encourage saving over spending and raise borrowing costs. Yet they also reduce demand, which pulls down asset prices and increases the risk of a recession.

Kiyosaki has slammed the Fed for both lifting rates and flooding the economy with money in an effort to stave off a crash. He's advised investors to buy precious metals and cryptocurrency, as hedges against prices soaring and the US dollar weakening.

"Saving money & investing in a well diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds & ETFs is risky advice," he tweeted in February. "I still believe gold, silver, bitcoin best for unstable times, although prices will go up and down."

The founder of The Rich Dad Company has been sounding the alarm on an epic market crash and massive recession for more than 18 months. While those predictions are yet to come true, a couple of his recent comments have been undeniably prophetic.

"Runs on banks next?" he tweeted on February 28 — more than a week before a wave of withdrawals overwhelmed Silicon Valley Bank, and the federal government took control of the lender.

"I called Lehman Brothers years ago and I think the next bank to go is Credit Suisse," he said on "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" on March 13. The Swiss government brokered a deal for UBS to acquire its scandal-hit rival last weekend.

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