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. . . the country. Visiting an emerging destination is a great way to save some serious cash, and this small country nestled at the junction of Europe and Asia has a whole lot to offer. Get your historic city fix in the capital of Tbilisi, where you can stroll the old city riddled with ancient buildings and visit the famous sulfur baths. Roam the Caucasus Mountains in search of old monasteries and stretch your legs on epic hiking trails. At the end of the day, there will be wine to reminisce on your adventures.

Traveling in Georgia is relatively inexpensive, with good food for cheap, and guesthouse lodging options that are more modest in pricing than most of the nearby Balkan countries. Tip: if you have the option to add a meal while staying at a local guesthouse, do it. You'll get homemade, regional food, and plenty of it!

Ready, Set, Save: 20 Affordable Trips to Take in 2020

The start of a new year means we're more than ready for some fresh adventures. To maximize our 2020 travels, affordability will be key, and luckily there are plenty of places to visit and activities to enjoy without having to dig too deep into our wallets. Visiting a more under the radar locale with similar qualities to their pricier counterparts is a solid way to save some bucks without sacrificing on your travel experience. And sometimes a splurge on airfare can land you in a culturally rich destination where you can eat, explore, and sleep like a king or queen, making it totally worth transportation hogging the majority of your trip's budget.

Whether choosing to stay closer to home while considering adventures you hadn't thought of before or opting to cut corners in one area to enhance the overall trip, your hard-earned money will be well spent on incredible travel memories. No matter what, there's a trip for every budget. Here are 20 affordable trip ideas for your 2020 bucket list.


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