Ready-Mixed Cartons Of Sangria Are Now Available In Aldi, And We're Obsessed

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A three-day weekend and a mini heatwave, who'd have thought we'd get this type of treatment at the end of May? Not us, that's for sure...

So, it only makes sense that we celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than with cartons and cartons of ready-mixed sangria?

(Always drink responsibly, obvs.)

Yes! Aldi is now selling ready-mixed sangria, and we're obsessed. Available in one litre cartons, it's described as a "refreshing wine and citrus blend."

For just £2.99 each, you can spend your bank holiday weekend feeling as though you've just jetted off to España (well, almost).

Photo credit: Marianna Gould
Photo credit: Marianna Gould

Aldi's Baron Amarillo Sangria is available in-store now for just £2.99.

If sangria's not really your thing, then you'll be pleased to hear that Aldi have lots of other options, including some delicious-tasting gin! As part of the supermarket's Scottish Spirits Festival, they've launched a Pineapple and Raspberry Crush Gin and Sloe Bramble Gin Liqueur. And yes, they're as good as they sound...

The Kirkcaldy-based Lundin Distilling’s Pineapple and Raspberry Crush Gin (£19.99), is described as being "a wonderfully easy-drinking gin with flavours of tangy pineapple and a splash of juniper and citrus."

And the Hipflask Slow Bramble Gin (£9.99) is made using fresh Scottish fruit, making it the perfect accompaniment to a summer dessert. Yes, please!

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