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Spring Breakers

When four college students (played by Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine) turn to armed robbery in order to fund their Spring break trip, you know that they're willing to go to the extremes to have fun. However, when they're bailed out of jail after a night of partying by a drug dealer and aspiring rapper who goes by Alien (played by James Franco), their bikini-and-booze-filled trip turns into a full-fledged crime spree.

Here Are the 42 Sexiest Movies of All Time For a Raunchy Night In

In our humble opinion, sexy movies should have their own genre, just like dramas and comedies and thrillers. Of course, when a movie gets an NC-17 rating, it's usually a pretty good indication that some raunchy stuff is going to go down. And when we say sexy movies, we're not just talking about movies with tons of eye candy or sweet and tender rom-coms. No, we're talking about down-and-dirty flicks that you would be mortified to watch with your parents - and that might even make you blush if you watch on your own. We've rounded up the hottest movies of all time, and it goes without saying that these are strictly NSFW.


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