R&B singer Crush and Red Velvet's Joy confirm that they're dating

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R&B singer Crush and Red Velvet member Joy in their music video for the song Mayday.
R&B singer Crush and Red Velvet member Joy in their music video for the song Mayday.

Yet another star couple has made their debut in the South Korean entertainment industry, in the same year in which we've already seen a couple of other Korean celebrity pairings.

On Monday morning, the agencies of R&B singer Crush and Red Velvet member Joy, P-Nation and SM Entertainment respectively, officially confirmed that the two are officially dating, after Chosun Daily reported the news of their courtship.

Chosun also reported that the duo started their courtship right after collaborating together on Crush's song Mayday in 2020, which conveyed the dissatisfaction of the isolation of home quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The announcement comes just as girl group Red Velvet is making a comeback with their first album since 2019, Queendom.

Referring to Joy as his "friend", Crush said in a message to his fans, who are known by their fandom name Shibami, "Thanks to this very bright and positive friend, lately there have been more days that make me laugh and my heart has gotten healthier! We have only begun slowly and seriously figuring out each other's feelings, and once the time was right, I wanted to be the very first person to tell Shibami, but I'm embarrassed that articles were able to come out first. When I think about Shibami, who are more embarrassed and upset by the sudden news than I am, my heart is heavy. I would be grateful if you watched us with a generous heart."

Joy said in a separate message to the Red Velvet fandom, ReVeluv, "We're at the stage of figuring out each other's feelings and getting to know each other little by little, so I'm cautious and embarrassed that articles came out so quickly, but I'm writing this because I think ReVeluv was more surprised than me. ReVeluv who have always loved me and cared for me, I hope that you understand and support me. I'm really sorry that I suddenly surprised you."

Crush, whose real name is Shin Hyo Seob, is an R&B singer renowned for his hit song Beautiful from the K-drama Goblin: The Great And Lonely God. He was featured recently in the track Stupid Love Song from AKMU's album Next Episode, which was released last month.

Joy and Crush’s relationship is the second high-profile celebrity romance to make headlines over the last few days. Last Friday, Bobby of K-pop boy band iKON, also a respected hip-hop solo artist in his own right, announced that he is getting married next month and his fiancee was expected to give birth to his child soon.

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