Ray Winstone urges Harry Kane to wear the OneLove armband

Actor Ray Winstone urged England captain Harry Kane to wear the OneLove armband ahead of his opening game at the Qatar World Cup.

Video transcript

RAY WINSTONE: England's first game in the World Cup today, and I don't know what it is, but I'm not very excited.


I can't seem to get up for it. I don't know. Is it because it's in Qatar? Don't know. Should it be Qatar? No. No, it shouldn't.

And this prick who's in charge of FIFA, you know, he was bullied at school because he was ginger. And feels like a migrant worker. He feels gay. [SIGHS]

Harry Kane, he's been told he can't wear a captain's armband that is rainbow colors. Easier when no one's out there noticing it, but-- [SIGHS] Harry, you can't let them tell you what to do.

Fuck 'em. Wear the armband they're going to book you. If they book you, fuck 'em. They probably sent you off, and if they do, fuck 'em again. Wear the armband kit.

I hope England win. I'm hoping they win the World Cup, and I'm sure as the tournament goes on, I'll get more excited about it, but anyway I'm rambling on. Stay safe out there. Love you, Raymundo.