Ray Fisher remains hopeful Cyborg will appear in The Flash movie

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Ray Fisher remains hopeful that his Justice League character will appear in the upcoming The Flash movie.

The 33-year-old, who portrayed Victor Stone/Cyborg in 2017's Justice League, has been involved in a bitter public spat with Warner Bros. and DC Films after he accused director Joss Whedon of "gross, abusive, unprofessional" behaviour on the set of the blockbuster back in July last year.

Following the conclusion of an internal investigation into his claims, Fisher declared on Twitter that he will not participate in any productions associated with DC Films President Walter Hamada, and a result, his character was written out of The Flash movie.

However, in an interview with Empire magazine, Fisher indicated there's still a possibility he could appear in the film.

"(Director) Andy (Muschietti) seems to have his head on straight and understood these characters by making it about the relationship more than just a display of superpowers," he said. "We were on the same page about that, and it'll be a bummer if there is no way to resolve the issue."

Whedon joined Justice League to take over from Zack Snyder following a family tragedy and ordered extensive reshoots to overhaul the film, and in the interview, Fisher admitted there was a lack of transparency about how much Whedon was changing.

"Transparency would have gone a long way; if they had said to us, 'Hey, we don't like Zack's movie, we want to shift gears completely and we need you guys to buckle down.' But they were trying to hold on to this narrative of doing it for Zack and maintaining his vision, all the while completely not doing that," he stated, adding he was asked for his opinions about his character but his ideas weren't valued.

"Unfortunately, gaslighting occurred by asking for input but, ultimately, biting people's heads off when you gave it," he said.

Fans were finally able to see Snyder's original vision in March with the release of his four-hour director's cut of Justice League.