This is how raw carrots can help balance your hormones during your period

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Photo credit: Westend61
Photo credit: Westend61

A raw food diet isn't the most interesting, or healthiest food option, even if you are a vegan, but this raw carrot salad could help balance your hormones during your cycle, according to one expert and TikToker.

A salad with raw carrot may not be your idea of heaven, but the hashtag #rawcarrotsalad has been viewed 8.1 million times on the social media platform, meaning the orange vegetable, in its raw form, has quite a lot of fans.

If you don't believe the stats, then let's look at the health benefits - the noble carrot has tons of vitamins and minerals packed into it - ranging from vitamin c to iron and vitamin B6.

While another benefit could be helping to balance hormones, according to Paige Nicole on TikTok, who through her studies training as a holistic hormone specialist, has found that a raw carrot salad, because of its high fibre content, has become a 'staple' in her diet, in a bid to balance the excess oestrogen that can peak at different times in her cycle.

In the video, which shows her putting together the salad, she also adds: 'Those of us that are menstruating have peaks and spikes of oestrogen and progesterone during different times when we get close to our cycle.

'So, I try to eat this (the raw carrot salad) as much as possible, but specifically when I'm in my luteal phase - as this is when the oestrogen becomes more dominant in my body.'

The TikToker goes on to explain that balancing out the oestrogen in your body, especially while on your period can help with PMS symptoms such as bloating, fatigue and cramps.

Revealing how to make it, on her popular video, which has had nearly 50,000 likes, Paige grates a handful of carrots, then adds olive oil, apple cider vinegar, plus pepper and salt. Of course, if you don't want to eat it on your own you can add it to a bigger salad, or eat it as part of a healthy meal.

What's the science behind it?

Natasha Evans, a registered nutritionist specialising in fertility and gut health, reveals how the trend started: 'American Biologist Dr Ray Peat is behind the raw carrot salad trend - he observed that a raw carrot salad could eliminate even the worst of migraines, which can be a symptom of oestrogen dominance. This led him to study the effect of raw carrots on the gut, detoxification and hormones.'

But how does it work? 'Fibre in raw carrots binds excess oestrogen and improves stool regularity, so prevents excess oestrogen being re-absorbed.'

Evan goes on to explain that most of us think it's just our liver that is responsible for detoxification - however other organs also play a part including our skin, lungs, kidneys, lymph and gut.

'One of the roles of our gut is to get rid of used substances, like hormones, digestive enzymes, bile, bacteria and undigested foods. If you have infrequent bowel movements, oestrogen that should have left the body can sit around for too long in the colon, until it’s reabsorbed rather than excreted.

She adds: 'This can lead to oestrogen dominance, which can cause inflammation, PMS, infertility or erectile disfunction in men, and is also linked with hypothyroidism and breast cancer.'

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