Raven Symoné and wife Miranda go to couples therapy 'every week'

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Raven Symone and her wife Miranda attend weekly therapy sessions credit:Bang Showbiz
Raven Symone and her wife Miranda attend weekly therapy sessions credit:Bang Showbiz

Raven Symone and her wife Miranda Maday go to couples therapy "every week".

The 36-year-old actress has been married to social media manager Miranda, 34, since 2020 and admitted that the pair attend couples' therapy on a weekly basis and joked that she "holds everything in" til their Saturday sessions.

She said: "I have always kept my life private and just really promoted the jobs I was doing or the characters I was playing. But when we found each other, we really buckled down and said we were going to do this. She validated me and really made such a safe space and we go to couples' therapy every Saturday. I love therapy. I hold everything in until Saturday! We go every week like clockwork!"

The former child star - who met Miranda in a karaoke bar in West Hollywood back in 2015 - went on to explain that the sessions are a way of to "setting a foundation" for their relationship since they have only been married for two years.

Speaking on 'The Tamron Hall Show', she said: "The reason we like to go to therapy is preventative. We like to make sure that we're our new foundation because listen, we're two years in we have a lot to learn about marriage. We're not trying to promote anything like we know what's up because it's brand new, but therapy helps to set a foundation that's really positive, it helps with communication."

Raven - who shot to fame as a toddler on 'The Cosby Show' before reaching teen idol status with her Disney Channel sitcom ' That's So Raven' in the early 2000s - then went on to reveal that Miranda had "never watched" her famous show before they met.

She added: "Miranda had never watched that 'That's So Raven' before she met me. It's fantastic. Imagine being in a relationship with someone that doesn't look at you like a famous person, even though you've been famous your whole entire life, you get to be seen. And Miranda provided me with reality, with an honest conversation to the point where she forgets that I'm Raven- Symone or actually doesn't even consider me that person."

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