Rare Lemur Triplets Born At Newquay Zoo

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Newquay Zoo have had an adorable new triple-arrival - lemur triplets born in April. The baby boys, known as pups are now enjoying exploring the British zoo's Lemur Island where they live with parents Yhoda and Bary, as well as older brother and sister Asotry and Asara. It increases the numbers of the zoo's black and while ruffed lemurs, which are Critically Endangered in the wild. Black and white ruffs are not only distinctive due to their thick, striking coats, but they are also the largest species of lemur and the loudest too in fact, they are one of the loudest primates, second only to howler monkeys. Dave Rich, Newquay Zoo Keeper Team Leader, said:, “All three of the triplets, which have been microchipped and sexed as boys, are doing really well. They're having plenty of fun exploring their new enclosure, playing together and learning how to be lemurs from the rest of the family.”

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