Rapper Slowthai squared up to a fan after being called out for 'misogyny' towards Katherine Ryan

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Video footage has emerged of rapper Slowthai throwing his microphone and a glass of Champagne into the crowd at the NME awards, after a fan allegedly called him a 'misogynist' for his behaviour towards host Katherine Ryan.

The 25-year-old was on stage receiving the 'Hero Of The Year Award', when the incident happened. In videos that have since been shared on Twitter, Slowthai can be heard saying, "NME, thank you. [Pointing at man in the crowd], thank you for ruining my speech. Thank you very much."

He then seems to throw his microphone down, only for someone to throw it back at him. Slowthai then throws his drink into the crowd, before jumping off the stage and having to be restrained by security.

Earlier in the night, people at the event had shared footage of Slowthai being allegedly inappropriate on stage with host Katherine Ryan. In one video, he can be heard saying to her, "You're jealous, innit? She got jealous, everybody! Smell my cologne. Smell it. Smells good, isn't it? Babygirl, I don't want to have to do this to you right now.

"But everybody, she needs to understand the levels right now, you know what I'm saying? [Katherine], if you want to do something, see me later. Ahh, she wants me to attend to her flowers. You've never had no one [sic] play with you like I can. Stop playing with me."

It was at this point that a fan reportedly heckled him for being inappropriate, and then the incident happened.

Katherine has since taken to Twitter to insist she "defused" the situation, and he is a "sweet boy". She wrote, "He didn’t make me uncomfortable. This is why we need women in positions of power. I knew he had lost from the moment he opened his mouth like any heckler coming up against a COMIC - not a woman - a COMIC. I was operating 2/10. What a sweet boy. I defused it. Tonight was fun!"

So far, Slowthai hasn't spoken out about the incident.

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