Rape survivor tells how smear test following attack may have saved her life

A brave rape survivor has told how the terrifying ordeal may have saved her life when tests she had afterwards detected pre-cancerous cells.

Kim Jenner, 27, has waived her anonymity to tell how a smear test she had after being raped in April last year identified the cells which otherwise might not have been found.

Miss Jenner, from Derby, said the discovery had been the “one positive” outcome of the experience and described it as a “silver lining”.

The 27-year-old had been to a house party and fell asleep on the sofa when she woke up to find drug dealer Joshua Banana raping her in the early hours of April 29 last year. She reported the rape and Banana, 27, was arrested but denied the attack.

He was jailed for ten years and eight months on Thursday after being convicted following a trial at Derby Crown Court.

Joshua Banana was jailed for 10 years and nine months after being convicted of rape (Picture: SWNS)

Speaking after the trial, Miss Jenner said: “The impact that this man’s actions have had on my life cannot be underestimated.

“Emotionally, financially and physically I have suffered and continue to suffer, as do my family, friends and our relationships.

Rape survivor Kim Jenner has told how tests carried out after she was raped had identified pre-cancerous cells (Picture: SWNS)


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“There has, however, been one positive from this incident in terms of my health. I had to undergo a series of tests after the rape, including a cervical smear which I had never had before this happened.

“That smear test found pre-cancerous cells which required treatment. If I had not had the test the cells would not have been found. That test potentially saved my life and for that I am thankful.

“This has been the silver lining of this horrendous experience.”

Joshua Banana was convicted following a trial at Derby Crown Court (Picture: Rui Vieira/PA Wire)

Banana, of Derby, was also found guilty of being part of a gang dealing in zombie drug Black Mamba.

Detective Sergeant Cathy Austin, the lead officer in the case, said: “This has been a long and protracted case, which has turned Kim’s life upside down.

“She has had to relive the events of that morning over and over again throughout the last 18 months as well as putting up with attacks on her character and appearance during the trial.

“She is an extremely courageous young woman, and I would like to thank her for her tenacity, strength and understanding as we have carried out our investigation.”