Rankin On Shooting Azealia Banks' Latest Music Video For Van Vogue: EXCLUSIVE

The fashion world just can’t get enough of Harlem-born, expletive-spitting, ultra-sexy Azealia Banks. On the front row of last season’s shows, we spotted Alexa Chung and Henry Holland snuggled with their crew mouthing every single one of her fast-spinning rhymes when ‘212’ blared pre-runway. Since then her fashion ascent has been almost as major as her music one: Topshop enlisted her to entertain the fashion week crowds at one of the best parties in recent industry history, New York cool boy Alexander Wang has snapped her up as the face of his T line and released a video to boot, and most recently her debut Dazed and Confused magazine cover has been banned in seven countries for being too damn provocative – which can only fuel our obsession further! Not to mention she’s even tweeted a shot of herself in Grazia magazine leading the cray-cray comeback for jelly sandals.

Today sees Azealia’s new video for her single ‘Van Vogue’ released on HungerTV.com – the online hub of photographer Rankin’s latest project. Now, before you click and watch, please keep in mind that it’s probably not suitable for a work environment; she hasn’t exactly softened up on the swearing front…

Azealia Banks' new music video 'Van Vogue'.

Azealia’s previous music video ‘Liquorice’ in LA had been shot by Rankin, and after a photoshoot for the October issue of The Hunger (out 11th Oct), the pair of them came up with the concept for this vid. It took place at Rankin’s studio at night, after a huge water tank had been specially built. “Azealia is a real grafter, and has a clear creative vision. She knows her own mind - and that makes each collaboration with her really inspiring, and challenging too!” He told us exclusively, “She knew exactly what she wanted, and tirelessly worked towards getting it. I love working with her.” And as for the fashion side of things, stylist Scott Robert Clark was brought on board to create a ‘90s power-suit selection with the help of Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli and Hugo Boss.

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