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We Ranked the Best (and Worst) Actors to Play Batman

There's a great moment in the 2014 comedy Neighbours where an intoxicated Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are just sitting back, talking shop, and a natural topic comes up: the Caped Crusader.

"Who's Batman to you?" Rogen asks his co-star. "Are you kidding me?" Efron replies. The only option is Christian Bale in his mind. Rogen's character seemed to know this would be the answer, but just wanted confirmation. "Michael Keaton is Batman to me," he replies, before the two launch into their own Batman voice impressions of the two actors.

This conversation is one that's surely replicated often around the country. It could easily be argued that Batman is the closest thing the United States has to England's James Bond: an iconic character who will seemingly go on forever, passing from actor to actor.

With Thursday night's news that Robert Pattinson will be the latest to don the black mask and cape for the DC Extended Universe with Matt Reeves signed on to direct, now's as good an opportunity as ever to look back and rank our very favourites to portray Bruce Wayne on the big screen throughout the years. A quick caveat: we're only including major cinematic portrayals here, so things like Gotham, any animated series, and Robot Chicken need not apply.

Without further ado, to the Batcave!