Rams' Eric Weddle won't share Ravens' secrets ahead of MNF matchup

Eric Weddle, a safety for the Los Angeles Rams, is taking a hard line when it comes to sharing secrets from his old team, the Baltimore Ravens, to his new team: He’s against it, even if it could provide the Rams with an advantage.

"I could tell them a lot of stuff, but that's just not who I am," Weddle told ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry. "So we're going to play it on the field, and the best team is going to win."

Weddle played for the Ravens for three seasons before signing a two-year, $10.5 million contract with the Rams in March. The Rams will face the Ravens in prime time on Monday night, and it’s a must-win game for the 6-4 Rams if they want a shot at making the playoffs. Weddle’s information about the Ravens’ defense could prove critical for the Rams, because the Ravens have been absolutely stifling their opponents’ lately.

Despite that, head coach Sean McVay understands Weddle’s decision to keep this potentially game-changing information to himself.

"In terms of some of the intricacies, I think he's got a lot of loyalty to those guys even if he's not there anymore," McVay told ESPN.

Eric Weddle's gratitude and loyalty to the Ravens is why he won't share any Ravens secrets with his new team, the Rams. (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)

Weddle himself confirmed that. He still has a lot of loyalty to the Ravens as an organization and to the players themselves, and he won’t compromise that.

"I have a lot of respect for that place, not only how it helped my career and rejuvenated my career, how they treated myself and my family," Weddle said. "But it's a very tight-knit group, and what would I be — what kind of man would I be if I just turned my back on all of them?"

The Rams could absolutely benefit from Weddle’s information, and it’s incredible from a competitive perspective that he’s not sharing it to give his new team a better chance to win. It’s his information, though, and he’s the only one who can decide what to do with it. It’s a hard choice, and some people (both teammates and fans) might not like his decision, but Weddle is doing what he thinks is right.

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