What is the ‘A Ram Sam Sam’ song on TikTok?

A catchy little song known as “A Ram Sam Sam” has found itself at the center of a new TikTok trend, which has led to the creation of several remixes and even a viral dance craze. Despite seeming “new” to many social media users, the original tune has been popular among toddlers and young kids for years.

“A Ram Sam Sam” is a traditional Moroccan nursery rhyme. It has made its way around the world thanks to its sing-songy melody and memorable lyrics. The name comes from the repeated phrase throughout the rhyme:

A ram sam sam, a ram sam sam
Guli guli guli guli guli ram sam sam

It’s described as an “action song,” which means it’s usually performed in a group setting with various hand gestures and body movements.

According to the blog “The Music Class,” many of the song’s lyrics are nonsense words that don’t mean anything. However, some do have roots in Darija, the Moroccan dialect of Arabic — like “Guli,” which means “tell me,” and “Rafiq,” which means “friend.”

Over the years, both the song and dance have been featured in countless children’s programs. One produced in 2012 by the YouTube channel The Learning Station has over 38 million views.

Another animated version, made by HeyKids, has racked up over 264 million views on YouTube in the past five years.

Recently, the kids’ song has shot to new fame on TikTok, where users have been remixing it just for fun.

But it’s becoming an even bigger craze now that breakdancers are performing a popular dance move known as “getting sturdy” to the remixed tune.

Together, both the song and dance have been going mega-viral. That’s bringing the old Moroccan nursery rhyme to a whole new audience.

In the process, it’s also getting some people on TikTok a little nostalgic.

“help this song was my childhood,” wrote the user @xangelinaax_ on a TikTok by @_philip_gabalec.

“Childhood birthday party’s are coming back to me,” added @ifuckedurmominfan on another TikTok by @senseisanek.

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