Radical effect of airbrushing REVEALED in shocking video

Sophia Moir
Yahoo Lifestyle

It’s easy to forget that the pictures we see in the press are manipulated.

But a video – filmed a couple of years ago but that’s recently re-surfaced on the web – shows the full extent of airbrushing.

A slim woman with short blonde hair is seen lying down wearing a pair of knickers in the photoshoot before the lighting is changed and make-up is applied.

Then, her hair is curled and extensions are added as her facial features are manipulated in Photoshop.

The model’s body shape is distorted – legs lengthened, tummy sculpted and neck extended – before her whole body is completely lightened.
A before and after picture showing the woman post-airbrushing reveals the shocking truth about Photoshop.

The video was created by Global Democracy who are calling for a ‘mandatory disclaimer’ if an image of a model has been ‘digitally enhanced.’

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