On my radar: Cat Power’s cultural highlights

Charlyn Marie “Chan” Marshall, who goes by the stage name Cat Power, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1972 and grew up in the south of the US. She started playing music in the late 80s and recorded her first two albums back-to-back in 1994. Known for her tender, thoughtful indie rock, inflected with blues and soul, Marshall has released 11 studio albums, including the acclaimed The Greatest (2006). She lives in Miami with her eight-year-old son Boaz. Her live album Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Albert Hall Concert is released on 10 November.

1. Comedy

Dave Chappelle at Madison Square Garden

Dave Chappelle on stage
Dave Chappelle performing at Madison Square Garden, New York, in August. Photograph: Eduardo Muñoz/Reuters

Dave Chappelle celebrated his 50th birthday during his run of shows at Madison Square Garden in August. Because it’s also the 50th anniversary of hip-hop this year, he had all these incredible guests joining him on stage, including the Roots, Nas and Ludacris, as well as comedians such as Jon Stewart, Luenell and Chris Rock. It was amazing. His set went over super-well – it was hilarious. Even in such a huge venue, it felt like you were in his living room – like it was just you and Dave.

2. Art

Tracey Emin: Lovers Grave at White Cube New York

Tracey Emin has never really gone over in the art world in America, but now she’s got a big show coming up in New York and I’m definitely going. We became friends through Instagram during the pandemic. She had a lot of health issues and I wanted to let her know how important she has been for so many women. The other day I dropped by her studio in Margate and got a preview of the show, and it’s beautiful. It was so powerful seeing them all lined up against the wall.

3. Organisation

Regenerative Organic Alliance

This is a programme set up about five years ago by Dr Bronner’s and Patagonia [along with the Rodale Institute] that aims to regenerate the soil, promote animal welfare and improve farmers’ lives. They operate all over the world and anyone can become a part of the coalition. They also have a certification for farmers that’s more strict than the usual organic label. It’s an amazing initiative and more people should know about it. I’m quite passionate about environmental issues – I think you’d need to be an asshole not to be.

4. Event

Veterans Day fair at San Carlos Reservation, 11 November

Every November, on the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona, they have a Veterans Day fair to celebrate those who’ve passed on or served in war. It starts very early in the morning. Each town or area selects a princess to ride around in an SUV and then they have singing and dancing and riders on horseback. I was very honoured to go last year, and I’m planning to go back again this month with my son. It’s a beautiful experience to see all the thriving young people at these street fairs.

5. Restaurant

Estela, New York

This is my favourite restaurant in New York. The chef, Ignacio Mattos, has a few places around the city, but Estela is amazing. Mike D [from Beastie Boys] took me there for dinner a few years ago when I was recording some tracks with him and Cassius. The food is incredible. I call it avant rustique. Most dishes are just three or four ingredients. It’s so simple, fresh and delicious, but also unexpected. And the place itself is so romantic. I highly recommend it for first dates and friendly divorce agreements.

6. Film

Amsterdam, David O Russell

From left: John David Washington, Christian Bale and Margot Robbie in Amsterdam.
From left: John David Washington, Christian Bale and Margot Robbie in Amsterdam. Photograph: Everett Collection Inc/Alamy

This movie with John David Washington, Christian Bale and Margot Robbie – and also Robert De Niro and Zoe Saldana and loads of others – is so good, so funny. The sets are amazing. The story is incredible. It feels as if they made it quickly so that people could pay attention to what’s going on in America right now. It’s about these three first world war veterans who come together to foil a fascist plot. It’s an amazing movie, whatever the reviews say. Oh, and Taylor Swift is in it. Keep your hat on for when she exits the movie.