Rachel Weisz reveals she once suffered a miscarriage

Rachel Weisz has revealed she once suffered a miscarriage.

The notoriously private actress made the admission while discussing her new TV show, Dead Ringers, which features graphic depictions of childbirth and miscarriage.

Weisz, who plays identical twin gynaecologists Elliot and Beverly Mantle in the show, revealed her personal news as she admitted she was surprised by the critical reaction to those scenes.

"I think I probably was surprised because I was just telling this story about the female experience, and it didn't seem to have been like heightened or overdramatised," she said on The News Agents podcast. "There isn't music to make it more dramatic, it is quite simple and photographed in quite a straightforward way. So yes, I was surprised.

"Women have miscarriages, I've had a miscarriage, so you suddenly see blood coming out of your body and these are just all part of a female experience of being alive. So, we're not used to it. I think we're not used to seeing any of those things being represented cinematically or fictionally. So maybe this is breaking some new ground, this show."

The Mummy star did not go into detail about her experience or divulge when it occurred.

The 53-year-old shares a 16-year-son named Henry with the filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, her former partner, and a four-year-old daughter with her husband Daniel Craig.

Dead Ringers, a series adaptation of David Cronenberg's movie of the same name, is now streaming on Prime Video.