Rachel Weisz just debuted a new curtain bangs haircut

rachel weisz curtan bangs haircut
Rachel Weisz has curtain bangs, people!Pascal Le Segretain - Getty Images

What do Kate Middleton, Adele and Rachel Weisz all have in common? They've all experimented with the latest trendy 'curtain bangs' haircut that's, no exaggeration, literally everywhere we look. Yep, Rachel Weisz has also joined the bangs bandwagon. If you've been pondering what hairstyle to experiment with next, these celebs are certainly making a case for curtain bangs.

When it comes to hair transformations, the actress has kept her hair consistently brunette, glossy and shoulder-length for as long as we can remember. While a subtle fringe might not be the most ground-breaking hair switch-up we've ever seen, for Rachel, this is quite a big deal.

What can we say? She really suits the new look.

The shorter face-framing strands at the front are super flattering and also give you more volume up top, so it's no wonder they've become so popular. A 70s fringe, McDonald's bangs, whatever you want to call them, they're all over our social media feeds.

The new 'do was created by hair stylist Christian Wood, and debuted at the Burberry show at London Fashion Week.

Let's compare Rachel's hair BB (that's before bangs) just to see the impact of the new style. Here's her glossy locks back in April of this year:

rachel weisz curtan bangs haircut
Pascal Le Segretain - Getty Images

We're not saying it's the most drastic of hair changes, but for someone who does an impressive job of keeping her private life private (I mean, who can blame her?), we're calling this a pretty decent hair transformation from Mrs Bond.

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