Race Against The Clock With Leon's Gassy Two-Move Ladder

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If you've never been fortunate enough to complete a workout with the 'ladder' format, then step right up. MH Elite coach and Lean Machine Leon Bustin invites you to clamber down his descending ladder session, which takes a combination of two classic dumbbell moves and throws in a cocktail of two bodyweight staples.

"To be honest, this workout is a bit naughty," says Leon. "It's very easy to to see a 'row' and a 'burpee' and think that's it. But what you will very swiftly notice once you start, is that both of these exercises are laced with a push-up. 110 in total! So this one comes with a pretty savage arm pump as well.

Take your time and pace the burpees in the earlier rounds. Then pump the gas as soon as you hit the 4,3,2,1 rounds and get it done!"

Dancing is recommended. Though it might be best to follow Leon's lead and do it before you start...

10-1 for time:

1) Push up + Dumbbell Row

2) Burpee Box Jump

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