Race Across The World viewers praise important Monique and Ladi moment

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race across world fans praise monique and ladi
Race Across The World fans praise Monique and LadiBBC

Last night Race Across The World was back on our screens for another episode which saw the four remaining pairs travel across Canada in order to reach the next checkpoint.

Whilst the series has been full of funny moments and the occasional struggle with budget and sleeping in tents, last night's episode contained one of the tougher scenes in the series, with Monique and Ladi talking about the discrimination they've faced.

In the episode, the four remaining pairs made their way from Quebec to Liverpool, Nova Scotia. During their journey in which they are not allowed to travel by air and have no access to mobile phones, Monique and her father Ladi found themselves attempting to hitch a ride to Edmundston at a local garage station.

race across world fans praise monique and ladi

However, the pair were continually rejected for lifts and Monique expressed her frustration at not having the same opportunities as her fellow competitors.

"Do you know, I hate doing this and I’m going to say it. We have a very different experience standing in a garage based on any of the other competitors. Like just plain simple fact we do," she told Ladi after they were rejected from another lift.

Monique and Ladi are the only Black pairing competing on the series, and their fellow competitors are often seeing getting lifts more easily at other legs of the competition.

Monique then went onto say to camera she didn't enjoy this aspect of the competition, adding: "I don’t enjoy hitchhiking. Although me and Dad have lucked out many a time when it comes to asking for lifts, there’s many times where you feel unwelcome or unwanted."

race across world fans praise monique and ladi

Many viewers took to social media to praise Monique for speaking so candidly about the situation, with one person tweeting: "Ladi and Monique talking about being discriminated when hitchhiking. Super important to show this. And how amazing when they finally find someone to take them."

Another said: "I am so glad that Monique spoke up about the struggles her and her Dad would face in hitchhiking. It needed to be said and I’m so pleased @BBCOne kept it in!"

And another said: "Oh that Monique and Ladi segment was heartbreaking."

Thankfully, Monique and Ladi did manage to get a lift and ended up arriving at the next checkpoint third.

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