A Race Across The World celebrity edition is coming this year

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A Race Across The World celeb version is comingBBC

If you're a fan of the BBC competition series Race Across The World, then we have some very exciting news for you - a celebrity version of the series is officially happening.

Yep, that's right the spin-off series was confirmed by BBC commissioning editor Michael Jochnowitz during a press conference for Race Across The World season three and he revealed the series has already been filmed.

So when will the new series take place? And which celebrities are taking part? This is everything you need to know about the celebrity version of Race Across The World.

What is Race Across The World?

Race Across The World is a BBC competition series in which five or six pairs of ordinary Brits, often family, friends or partners, compete against each to reach a certain part of the world first. In previous years it's taken place in South America and Europe.

They have a series of check points to reach and when they reach the final one, the winning pair receives £20,000.

race across the world celebrity version

However they are unable to use their phones, or travel by air. Instead they are given a world map, GPS tracker to track their progress, a travel guide with local job adverts and a money belt with cash at the start of the journey. They can then use these to travel via sea or land to reach each check point.

Will the celebrity version be any different?

Right now it's not exactly certain how similar the celebrity version will be, although we'd imagine it would follow a similar format, with five or six pairs of celebrity.

When sharing the news of the new series BBC commissioning editor Michael Jochnowitz said the series would follow a similar format of the first series, with the celebrities travelling across multiple countries, unlike the new third series of the regular version which will see contestants travel across Canada.

Jochnowitz said: "It's probably more of a traditional race in terms of number of countries that they're going to travel through. It will be out later this year."

It's also likely the celebrities will be competing for the £20,000 prize fund for a chosen charity, as if often the case with celebrity competition series.

Which celebrities are taking part?

At the moment there's been no confirmation of which celebrities will be taking part in this spin-off series, but we'll hopefully hear something soon.

When will Race Across The World celebrity edition be released?

As of yet there is not an official release date for the series, however Michael Jochnowitz confirmed the series has already been filmed and will be out later this year.

He said: "Well, we filmed it at the end of last year and it's in the edit. It's looking incredible."

Is there a trailer yet?

Right now there's no series for the celebrity version but there is one for the third series of the original Race Across The World, which you can watch here:

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