R29 Style Picks: Everything We Want To Wear In July

Alicia Lansom

As temperatures start to soar, it’s only natural that we begin looking at the contents of our wardrobes with a mental checklist. Is it too clingy? Is it too heavy? Will you visibly be able to see my sweat stains through this? The average list of summer fashion criteria might seem endless, but lockdown has now given us even more to things consider, with the number one question being ‘can I easily wee behind a bush in this?’

But despite summer presenting us with its fair share of fashion challenges, it also provides us some of the best pieces of the year. Whether it be a perfectly fitting loose linen dress or a dreamy pair of vintage '70s shades, summer gives us the space to shed our structured winter wardrobe and emerge into the sunshine in a string of easy, breezy pieces that work both indoors and out.

Now that pubs and restaurants are set to re-open from July 4th, this month feels like the right time to invest in some staple pieces to see us through the rest of the summer. Whether it’s a killer outfit for your first socially-distanced pint or alfresco pizza of the year, team R29 have got you covered for fashion inspiration this July.

From sustainable sundresses to straw sandals, click through to see what R29 staff are wearing this month…

Georgia Murray, Junior Fashion Editor
If lockdown has taught me anything, comfort comes first, and what's more important than comfy underwear? Innovative and sustainable brand Allbirds just launched its first in the category, and I’m keen to try the shorties, coming in minimalist neutral hues and made of the brand's patented super yarn TrinoTM: a blend of eucalyptus tree fibres, ZQ-certified Merino wool and a dash of elastane. They look easy as they are eco-conscious, perfect for lazy lockdown days.

Allbirds Women's Trino™ Shortie, $, available at Allbirds
I’m in the market for a decent sundress now that the weather is set to improve, and this ditsy number from Tea & Tequila, handmade in Mexico by artisans paid 5x the living wage and delivered in biodegradable, planet-friendly packaging, will do just nicely. 

Tea & Tequila Daisy Salsa Dress, $, available at Tea & Tequila

I’ve been looking for alternatives to be trusty Dr Martens Gryphon and Birkenstock Arizona sandals, which I’ve had on rotation for the past few years. I discovered Of Origin on sustainable retailer Reve En Vert and was pulled in by the label’s eco-credentials. 100% handmade in Spain from jute rope and a rubber sole, I was worried the natural material would rub, but no! The moulded footbed makes them super comfortable, and they’re made wide for roomy toes. They’re the perfect romantic reminder of holidays in contrast to my fairly utilitarian DMs and Birkies, too.

Of Origin Salines Jute Sandals in Natural, $, available at Rêve En Vert
Anna Jay, Art Director
I bought these a week ago and have worn them almost every day since. They are really comfortable and cool for hotter days.

Uniqlo Linen Blend Shorts, $, available at Uniqlo
This colour! The full set of sweatshirt and shorts is very tempting...

Pangaia Lightweight Recycled Cotton Sweatshirt, $, available at Pangaia
This dress is pure sunshine and because of its bias cut, it will fall beautifully. I love the colours - the perfect way to bring holidays to my back garden.

Solid & Striped Bias-Cut Checked Linen Midi Dress, $, available at Matches Fashion
Jessica Morgan, Staff Writer
Because I, like many of you, love a Zara sale. And this skirt is EVERYTHING. 

Zara Voluminous Midi Skirt, $, available at Zara

Okay, it’s not quite Jacquemus’ La Bomba, the ridiculously oversized straw hat that broke the internet two summers ago (where has the time gone?), but it’s the next best thing and in my price range. 

Arket Wide-Brim Straw Hat, $, available at Arket

I actually rented this dress from On Loan, a sustainable fashion rental service trying to make us all kick the habit of buying too many clothes, but I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it. The shape, the floral print, the square neckline, and it fits me perfectly. I really, really, really want to buy it, and though I guess it defeats the purpose of signing up to a rental service, it’s a great way to try before you buy.

Olivia Rose The Label The Manon Dress, $, available at On Loan

Sadhbh O'Sullivan, Health and Living Writer

I really like the simplicity of these huggie earrings. Except for special occasions I only really wear silver hoops, and these look to be my new go-to.

Orelia Simple Huggie Hoop Earrings, $, available at Orelia Jewellery

Ok technically this is a £6 knitting pattern and not a fashion purchase up front. But given I also have to buy about 10 balls of yarn to complete this at around £8 a ball, it adds up to quite a hefty purchase. I love everything about this, from the design to the potential colour combinations. Plus I get the genuine joy of making it myself.

Ravelry Mega Lara Sweater, $, available at Ravelry

When I saw these on YMC’s Instagram page I did a little gasp, I felt such an immediate pull towards them. They currently only stock them up to size 40 which I interpret as a personal affront. But I’m waiting patiently for them to make them up to a 41. I live in hope!

You Must Create Martiape Mule, $, available at You Must Create
Alicia Lansom, Editorial Assistant
No matter how many sites I have scrolled through during lockdown, I haven’t been able to find a summer dress that fits my needs. Who knew it was so hard to find a short loose fit dress that didn’t look like a paper bag? Thankfully this Urban Outfitters number is exactly what I have been looking for. So long, trousers!   

Urban Outfitters UO Pepper Plaid Mini Dress, $, available at Urban Outfitters

It’s only since I started trying my hand at nail art that I realised that I own exactly 0 rings. So, to compliment my artistic work, I am looking to slowly start building a collection of plain(ish) rings I can wear on the daily. This twisty creation from July Child is at the top of my list.

July Child Dori, $, available at July Child

The last pair of blue and lilac trainers I owned were Clark’s Cica’s which lit up when I walked. It is perhaps my fond memories of wearing these shoes to the school disco that made me fall in love with these Axel Arigato trainers as soon as I saw them. Hopefully I can save up enough pennies to make these running shoes my staple summer footwear. 

Axel Arigato Marathon Runner, $, available at Axel Arigato

Vicky Spratt, Features Editor
I have long been a Birkenstock wearer but I hate the feeling of putting them on with wet feet after I’ve emerged from a pool/lake/the sea. They squelch, it’s gross and the leather gets ruined. Enter these super affordable waterproof guys! If you need me I’ll be down by the river near my house pretending I’m Ursula Andress on a beach as I exit said river and survey sweaty crowds of people doing balloons and pretending they’re at a festival. 

Birkenstock Arizona Eva Sandals, $, available at Birkenstock

Because sunbathing in the park is the new going on holiday, swimwear now needs to double up as a nice top for post sunset tinnies...this fits the bill.

Hunza G Honor Belted Seersucker Bandeau Swimsuit, $, available at Net-A-Porter
How many pairs of sunglasses is it acceptable to own? I’m asking for a friend who can’t really justify buying any more but would definitely be adding these to basket if they were in the market…

Loewe Anagram Cat-Eye Tortoiseshell-Acetate Sunglasses, $, available at Matches Fashion

Kristine Romano, Photo & Design Assistant
I wear my hair up a lot in the summer - not because I necessarily prefer it that way but mainly 'cause I get too warm otherwise. Regular scrunchies are a great added accessory, but I especially love the look of oversized ones. 

shophoneyclothing Red Giant Scrunchie, $, available at Etsy

I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of sports style elasticated shorts and was instantly drawn to these ones by L.F. Markey in this towelling material. I love the feeling of being wrapped up in a towel and can only wonder if that’s what it would feel like to be wearing these?

L.F.MARKEY Basic Towelling Shorts, $, available at L.F. Markey

If I get to enjoy even just a day at the beach or the pond this summer, I’d love to be swimming in this. Although on the pricier side, this swimsuit is both ethically made and fits seven sizes in one meaning I can get plenty of long term wear out of it!

You Swim Aplomb One-Piece, $, available at You Swim

Jacqueline Kilikita, Beauty Editor
Inspired by Dua Lipa, I feel as though it’s time to ditch my failsafe scrunchie collection in favour of something a touch more grown up. Silk scarves are everywhere at the moment and look like the perfect accessory to help keep my long, thick hair off my face. I’ll fashion a low ponytail, secure with a headband and tie this around the base for a super quick hair update.

Weekday Draco Scarf, $, available at Weekday
I’ve always gone for really dainty, pretty sandals but I’m feeling the chunky vibe this summer and I like the tough buckle detail on this pair. I’m 5ft nothing, so hope they might give me a bit of height! I’ll pair them with mom jeans and a cute crop top.

Dr. Martens Black Blaire Slide Sandals, $, available at Schuh

After four years, my trusty Valentino shades gave out on me (I sat on them) so it’s time for a new pair. I love the exaggerated cat-eye shape of these and the tortoiseshell frame is similar to my glasses, so I know they’ll suit me if I decide to shell out on them.

Dolce & Gabbana Cat-Eye Tortoiseshell Acetate Sunglasses, $, available at Net-A-Porter

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