r.e.m. beauty review: 'I tried Ariana Grande's make-up line and it's not what I expected'

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Chart-topping pop star, actress, and the woman single-handedly keeping the slicked-back pony in fashion, Ariana Grande can add 'make-up mogul' to her list of accolades.

Bursting onto the beauty scene with the first instalment of r.e.m beauty, 'chapter 1: ultraviolet', back in November 21', Ariana's brand has gained a cult following of loyal stans; and the hype is only growing.

Ahead of the release of 'chapter 4: out of body', which will feature a concealer in 60 shades, a blurring primer, a blending sponge, and blotting sheets, I've decided to put some of the bestselling products to the test.

What is r.e.m beauty all about?

When it comes to celebrity beauty lines, it can take a little work to convince me that the products are as good as, if not better than, the brands I know and love. I tend to dodge them for fear of poor-performing products being hidden behind pretty packaging and good publicity. And my feelings about r.e.m were no different (sorry, Ari).

But, after digging a little deeper into the brand, it looks like r.e.m can hold its own.

The '7 rings' singer shares the philosophy of her make-up brand saying 'it means so much to be able to create a product line for absolutely everybody and anybody who wants to wear it and feel incredible.'

The products in the line definitely live up to Grande's vision of inclusivity and creativity as holographic highlighters, shimmering cream eyeshadows, and plumping lipglosses in chrome finishes and out of this world hues take centre stage.

And, the entire line is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and the packaging is recyclable. What more could you ask for?

Where can I shop r.e.m in the UK?

You can shop the whole r.e.m collection online at the r.e.m beauty website. Get ready to shop the line in person, though, because the brand is set to land in the UK this August. Selfridges will stock all of the r.e.m products in store and online and will play host to r.e.m pop-ups where you can give all of the products a whirl.

Full night's sleep cooling blurring under eye balm

Having seen claims that this eye cream was flying off the shelves at one purchase every 12 seconds (impressive), I was excited to get my hands on it. Admittedly, I don't use eye cream on the reg and usually save it for when my skin is feeling especially dry.

That said, I really enjoyed this product. The cream feels matte and silicone-like in texture but on the skin, it transforms into a hydrating gel.

There was some definite blurring going on, and the cooling effect provided a few seconds of much needed respite from the 40 degree heat I was testing it in. Under make-up, it wore well initially, but after a few hours, I noticed that my concealer had started to pill.

Midnight shadows metallic gel eyeshadow

Cream, gel, liquid, you name it, as long as an eyeshadow isn't in powder form then you can count me as a fan. The texture of the shadows took a little getting used to and worked better if I buffed them in with a brush rather than slapped them on with my fingers, but after that they were pretty foolproof. The colours are vibrant and you don't need a lot of product to get a good pay-off. And when the product dries down, it's weightless and there's not a crease in sight after a full day of wear. Bonus.

Eclipse cheek and lip stick

The cheek and lip stick is the pièce de résistance of the collection, IMHO. I knew it'd be up there because I worship at the altar of multifunctional cream products, but this surpassed my expectations. The stick was highly pigmented (start small or risk clown cheeks), hydrating on the lips, and easy to blend. It didn't disturb my base make-up when I applied it over the top of my foundation, and it wore off throughout the day beautifully. 10/10.

Flourishing lash and brow boosting serum

I've spent more than I'd care to admit on supposedly miracle products in the hopes of achieving bushier brows and longer lashes, often to no avail. So, I was sceptical about this product and its £43 price tag, despite an impressive ingredient list boasting peptides and biotin.

I can't comment on its lash and brow-bolstering capabilities just yet as I haven't used it for the recommended 4 weeks. However, my brows and lashes did feel nourished after applying this serum, post a full day of wearing mascara and brow gel.

The verdict

Overall, my first rodeo with r.e.m beauty was a good one. The flourishing lash and brow boosting serum might've had me saying Thank U, Next, but the cream blush and eyeshadows will be introduced to my everyday make-up bag.

Ultimately, celebrity beauty brands are judged harshly, sometimes with good reason, but Ari has clearly done her research and put out some fun products that perform well.

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