This quiz will help you decide what film to watch at Christmas

Elsa Vulliamy
Picture: Getty: Picture: Getty

You've been looking forward to taking a break all year, but now you've set everything up with blankets and mince pies you've drawn a blank on what you actually want to watch.

Several new Christmas films come out every year - you've got far too many films to choose from, and most of them aren't much good anyway.

Even when it comes to the classics, the decision is a hard one. Do you go for the romance, the old-timey classics, or something a bit more quirky?

You can't just watch any old Christmas film - it has to be the right one.

You on get to do this once a year, so it's important you don't make the wrong decision.

Miracle of miracles, there's a quiz to guide you.

What're you going to be watching?

This article was originally published on 24 December 2015