Quentin Tarantino recalls his failed Bond movie plan

Quentin Tarantino has revealed the details surrounding his failed plan to direct a James Bond film.

During the mid-1990s, the Kill Bill director was considered to potentially direct a James Bond movie, but never did.

In an interview with Deadline published on Thursday, the 60-year-old film giant revealed he and his team reached out to James Bond author Ian Fleming's team to inquire about making a Casino Royale film after Quentin completed 1994's Pulp Fiction.

"It would've taken place in the '60s and wasn't about a series of Bond movies," Quentin told the outlet. "We would have cast an actor and be one and done. So I thought we could do this."

However, 007 producer Barbara Broccoli was already scoping out another director for Casino Royale and locked down an exclusive deal that secured all of Ian's works.

When asked whether he could have pitched his idea to Barbara, Quentin revealed he was told by friends in the know that the studio did not want to risk him directing a Bond film.

"I was always told very flattering versions of like, 'Look, we love Quentin, but we make a certain kind of movies, and unless we f**k it up, we make a billion dollars every time we make that type of movie, OK? We don't want him to do it. Doesn't matter that it will still do good. It could f**k up our billion-dollar thing,'" the Jackie Brown director shared.

Quentin's next film, The Movie Critic, has been reported as his last before he retires from directing features.