Quentin Tarantino preparing to make final movie - report

Quentin Tarantino is reportedly gearing up to make his final film, The Movie Critic.

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday that the Pulp Fiction director is putting together what is being billed as his final film.

According to the insiders, Tarantino is preparing to direct the project this autumn from his own script, which reportedly has the name The Movie Critic.

The story will reportedly have a female lead and be set in Los Angeles in the late 1970s. It is possible the story could be about, or inspired by, the career of Pauline Kael, one of the most influential American movie critics of all time. She passed away in 2001.

The Movie Critic has yet to find a studio home, according to the report, however, it could be pitched around to studios or buyers as early as this week.

Tarantino, who has yet to comment on the report, has long maintained that he will retire after making 10 films. If you count Kill Bill as one film, he has so far released nine, making The Movie Critic potentially his last.

In November, he reaffirmed his decision to quit after his next movie, explaining that he doesn't want to become an "out of touch" director whose filmmaking quality dips in his later years.

"I've been doing it for a long time. I've been doing it for 30 years, and it's time to wrap up the show," he told CNN. "Like I said I'm an entertainer. I want to leave you wanting more, you know, and I don't want to work to diminishing returns."

He added that he didn't know what his tenth and final movie will be as he was "not in a giant hurry" to make it.